1. Marketplace

Here you can see a list of the available market deals, with the following information:

* Date: offer timestamp
* Governor: who made the offer
* Colony: where the goods come from
* Offers: what is offered
* Wants: what is desired

To create an offer, choose one of your colonies and then make the appropriate choices.

If offers are not accepted after 48 hours, they are automatically cancelled and the offered resource is returned to the player minus a fee of 20%.

If you want to accept an offer, click on bid and then select one of your colonies to accept the goods. That colony must have enough of the wanted resource to trade, of course!

Note: You must be at least level 3 to engage in marketplace transactions.

2. Resource Converter

You may use the Resource Converter to immediately convert one type of resource to another in your own colonies.

The conversion rate is 70%. For example, you may convert 100 minerals to 70 food.

Using the Resource Converter requires a small amount of CP.