Centauri Saga

1. Centauri Overview

The Jumpgate constructed at the end of our solar system led the pioneers from Earth to discover the Alpha Centauri solar system.

That system is characterized by a dense and unpredictable asteroid field which fills the void between the two stars, Centauri A and B. This field is presented on a grid as a number of sectors.

Players that belong to alliances with an active Jumpgate may send forces to the new solar system. Every player commands one armada, which can move around the sectors.

Alliances can build Starbases, powerful outposts with strong defenses and deep range scanners.

Hidden around the Centauri system are powerful artifacts, called Xalandar Power Modules (XPM for short) and a vicious alien battlestation, the Ravager.

The players in the Centauri system must defeat the Ravager, either by building enough Starbases or securing enough XPMs.

2. Centauri Basics

To gain access to the Centauri Saga content you must be a member of an alliance that has completed their Jumpgate. Once the alliance completes the Jumpgate, it then needs to activate it by paying (once) 1,000,000 Research Points from the alliance bank.

Every player gets a single armada in the Centauri system. You can send troops from any of your colonies to the Centauri armada, but the trip is one-way.

The Centauri armada consumes food normally, so make sure you send food to support it or your army will starve to death!

3. Exploring the System

The Centauri system contains a number of sectors, initially marked with a question mark, which indicates their contents are unknown (not explored).

When an armada arrives at an unexplored sector, that sector becomes automatically explored for all members of the player's alliance. However, due to the chaotic nature of the Centauri system, it is impossible to create a complete and accurate map of the system. As a result, sectors in the Centauri system return to their unexplored state every day.

Every armada in the Centauri system has a maximum number of movement points equal to the sum of the player's Influence levels in Research, ISBI, Allies and Space Academy.

Players move their armadas around the Centauri system by clicking on the small arrows (up, down, left, right) around the armada icon. Moving to an unknown sector costs 2 movement points, while moving to an explored sector costs only 1 movement point. Armadas regain 2 movement points per hour, up to the player's maximum.

A completed Starbase is equipped with powerful scanners which are able to penetrate the chaotic asteroid field. As a result, the Starbase sector and those in the immediate vicinity (i.e. a maximum total of 9 sectors) remain explored for the members of the alliance that owns the Starbase.

The maximum upkeep of military forces you can sustain in the Alpha Centauri system, is based on three different factors:
- Everyone starts with 20.000 upkeep
- You gain 10.000 per level of the "Interstellar Supplies" alliance talent (max level = 25)
- You gain 10.000 for every Starbase in the system (to a maximum of 100K)

This means that the maximum upkeep you can have in the system is 370K. Beyond that threshold your troopers will starve to death.

* Alliance members should coordinate the exploration of the system.

* Starbases in key positions will greatly enhance the speed of your travels.

* Star Traveler units are more resilient to the environment of the Centauri system. If you encounter enemies while you are exploring, units without the Star Traveler attribute suffer four times more damage than those who possess it.

4. Rules of Engagement

The Centauri system is a PvP expansion. As such you should expect many battles to happen while you make your way through this sector.

Attacking an enemy's armada costs 5 movement points.

Scouting an enemy's armada costs 10 movement points.

The battle system on Centauri is the same as the normal PvP battles with the following adjustments:

* Battles end after 3 rounds instead of 10.

* The winner is the one that will earn the most XP.

* If the attacker wins, then he gets to loot a percentage of the defender's resources equal to the percentage of the units the defender lost in the battle.

Note: You can use movement points to scout an opponent before attacking. Keep in mind that there is always a chance that this action will be intercepted by your opponent...

5. Xalandar Power Module (XPM)

Players gain the ability to detect the location of Xalandar's Power Modules as soon as their alliance builds its first Starbase in the Centauri system.

Every XPM is initially in the possession of a guardian army. When a player explores that sector (by moving through it), all members of that player's alliance are able to see the XPM on the Centauri sector map.

A player can take possession of the XPM by successfully attacking the guardian army. As soon as any player retrieves the XPM, then all players from all alliances with at least one completed Starbase are able to see its location.(All your Cloak Effects will be removed)

XPM Relocation
Players who acquire an XPM can move it with their armada anywhere in the Centauri system. If they bring it to a sector with an allied Starbase, they can unload the XPM to that Starbase at no cost.

Players can steal the XPM stored in an Starbase but in order to do so they must kill all defending armadas in that Starbase.

PvE XPM Loss
If an armada carrying an XPM is completely destroyed by NPCs (e.g. raiders), then the XPM goes again to the possession of a guardian army and reappears the next day at a random map location.

PvP XPM Loss
If an armada carrying an XPM is defeated in a battle with another player's armada, the XPM goes to the possession of the victor. Warning: The winner of a battle in the Centauri system is the armada earning the most XP from the battle.

6. Starbases

Starbases are massive, fortified stations that offer protection and provide military intelligence to your Centauri forces.

The construction of an Starbase is a group effort, requiring the contribution of huge amounts of resources from all members of the alliance.

To start the construction the members need to decide on the building tile. Once the spot has been decided then, one member needs to have 100,000 of Silicon, Energy, Food, Minerals and Astartium in his/her armada. Clicking on "Build Starbase" begins the construction.

You cannot move the Starbase once it has been placed!

From then on, all alliance members may contribute resources in the construction, by moving their armada to the Starbase and clicking the "Construct" button.

The Starbase becomes operational when the alliance has invested a total of 100,000,000 of each resource ( including Astartium ) and offers the following benefits:

* The 8 sectors around the Starbase remain permanently explored.

* Reveals enemy Armadas once they step on your Star Base. This action does not remove the Cloak from the enemy , it simply makes them visible to your alliance (and only your Alliance) for as long as they stay in the same sector as your Arcane Base.

* If an Alliance has a Star Base that has acquired an XPM , then all Cloaked members of the Alliance will be visible while staying on top of their Star Base. The moment they step out they will become invisible again.

* The Starbase provides a 20% attack and defense bonus on all allied Armadas in its sector.

* You can locate the hidden XPMs around the Centauri System! As long as the XPM has not been retrieved by any player then to see it you have to be in the same sector as it. As soon as any player retrieves an XPM from its guardians then it becomes visible to all alliances that have an operational Starbase.

Starbases are vulnerable to Ravager attacks. Do NOT construct them at the edge of the Centauri System where Ravager roams. There is always the chance that he will find your base and... destroy it!

7. Centauri Bosses

Among the Centauri field you may occasionally see a few special targets, the Centauri Bosses. Each boss is unique and has a high amount of attack and defense.

These opponents can be attacked once you have reached their location. By clicking "View" you get to see information about the boss, as well as their loot table and the option to attack them.

Attacking a boss costs a number of movement points.

The location of the bosses changes daily, although they normally spawn rather far from the Jumpgate.

Note: Your armada may safely pass through the boss location. You only risk by attacking them!

8. The Ravager

There is a big bad guy hidden in the Centauri System, the Ravager! This is an asteroid-like spaceship with great fire power.

The Ravager moves randomly around the map and is immediately visible to anyone who explores its sector. You cannot face him until you either have 5 Starbases fully operational or an XPM Ultimate Weapon completely charged. As soon as you accomplish any of those goals, you have to find and destroy him! If Ravager lands on a sector with Starbases, then these are destroyed.

By entering the Ravager sector, if your alliance does not have 5 fully operational Starbases or the ultimate weapon fully charged you will sustain huge amount of damage.

To destroy the Ravager you must:

* Either transfer 3 XPM to your Starbase and guard them while your scientists attempt to fuse them into the ultimate weapon to kill the Ravager.

* Or build 5 Starbases to counter the Ravager's regeneration ability, gather your forces and kill it.

Caution: When Ravager dies it inflicts a 30% of the maximum hitpoints as damage to each Starbase you have. This happens whether you kill Ravager using the XPMs or the 5 Starbases.